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Top Recent US Distance Running Performances

Posted in USA Track & FIeld by Andy Chan on July 28, 2006
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The last two weeks has seen a flurry of fast running by some rising US stars in the distance events. These races have all taken place in Europe. Check out some of the links below. The idea here is not to make you go, “Wow, they’re fast. I could never run that fast.” or “They run my 400 pace for 12 laps.” 

The point is that all these people are just like you and me. Read the stories. One was a walk-on at Arkansas – he didn’t even get a scholarship to run in college. Now he’s an American Record holder. Others talk about their injuries (growing pains from growing four inches in three years) and how frustrating it was. But they stuck with it and are being rewarded for their perseverance. They talk about having doubts before and during the race about the pace or about if they can keep going. The thoughts that go through their heads are not that much different than the thoughts you and I might have when we stand at the starting line.

Dan Lincoln (July 14 – ran a new American record of 8:08.62 for the 3000 Steeplechase (old record was 21 years old) – a former walk-on at University of Arkansas).

Read about the record here.


Matt Tegenkamp (July 25 – ran 13:04.90 for the 5000 meters, #4 all-time by a US athlete) – just one year out of college:

Video interview about the race here.


Kara Goucher (July 26 – ran 31:17.12 for the 10,000 meters, #2 all-time by a US athlete):

Post-race interview here.

The background story on Kara and her husband Adam Goucher, who just ran 13:10.00 5000 meters (#5 all-time US) is that they were both high level high school runners who struggled with injuries in college and post-collegiately. Now in their late-20’s/early-30’s they are running well again, living in Oregon with Alberto Salazar as their coach.


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