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10 Years of Coaching at SHC

Posted in Coaching,SHC Cross Country by Andy Chan on November 28, 2007
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Tomas Palermo presented me with a special shirt comemmorating 10 years of coaching at SHC.  This is what he said:

This next athlete is an expert with numbers. He can seemingly calculate multiple mile splits in his head at any point in a race, whether he’s running it or just watching. He even has a particular way of counting seconds beyond a minute — but before a minute-forty. It’s just something you have to try and figure out and accept. But he has other impressive numbers, including personal bests of 16:35 (5K), 34:10 (10K), and a PR this season of 26:26 in a 7K (about 4.3 miles) – a race in which he placed first overall. Then there’s the thing with 7’s. Like getting married on 7-7-2007. Then, seven days later, running said 7K race on July 14, and seven days after that gathering on July 21 for a wedding reception. He coached nearly 80 athletes this season, and saw two reach the State Meet and perform well amid tough competition. But what’s probably this athlete, and coach’s most remarkable number: his decade-long commitment, loyalty and passion for SHC athletics, manifested in giving his all to running and coaching the rest of us. So, in order to recognize this achievement, I’d like the rest of the coaches to join me in giving the award for Outstanding 10-Year Head Coach, to Andy Chan.

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