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From the Olympic Trials #2

Posted in Report From the Road,USA Track & FIeld by Andy Chan on July 5, 2008

Another fun day up here.

We went for coffee this morning and met the guy who coached Meb in high
school. He’s a former Oregon runner and was a 1980 Olympic
alternate…had some cool stories to tell.

We met up with Frank and Monica Z for lunch and then hit the Nike Store.

Shannon was nervous but she still ran a strong semifinal race, winning
her heat in 4:11. On to the Finals on Sunday.

We’ve been riding rental bikes back and forth from our hotel to the
track. It’s 1.75 miles according to my GPS. Downhill there (reached a
max speed of 2:25 mile pace on the downhill section this afternoon) but
uphill on the way back.

The local hangout after the meet is the Villard St. Pub. That’s where
all the cool people hang out (OK, mostly geeky track coach-types).
Shortly after we arrived, we saw Shalane Flanagan and Abdi at the Pub,

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