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Cheking in from Dalian

Posted in Report From the Road,USA Track & FIeld by Andy Chan on August 13, 2008
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Malinda and I are checking in from Dalian, where the USATF has a special training camp for its athletes.  It’s a nice place but talk about HIGH security!!  Shannon had to do a lot of talking to get us in for a couple hour visit Wed afternoon.  We helped her pass some time by showing her pictures of our travels so far (Beijing to Xi’an (Terra Cota Warriors) to Shanghai and now to Dalian).  Then she and I had a quick talk about her scheduling from now to the end of the Olympics and I hopefully gave her some reminders that will help her relax and feel confdent.  Still almost a week to go until the racing begins for her and I can tell she can’t wait.

A little more background for the running fans. USATF set up a
training camp in Dalian for the USA track & field athletes only to
stay at before they compete. To get away from both pollution and
distractions. The place was secluded (up a hill and 45 minutes from
the main part of town) and the security was high. Shannon had
escorts in a car behind her when she went for a run and for a track
workout they took a bus with police shutting down traffic all around
them. Inside it was a country club atmosphere. We saw Jorge Torres and
others playing cards and talked to some coaches (Gags). We joked that
there really is a country “out there beyond the gates”. It was a
real insight into what our Olympic athletes do before they compete.
We do all we can to have them ready but it isn’t all excitement and
glamour 24/7.


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