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KP Half Marathon Countdown – Monday (6 days to go)

Posted in Coaching,Training Thoughts by Andy Chan on February 1, 2010

Welcome to 2011 KP Half Marathon and 5K week. On Friday at midnight, race registration was closed as the race reached its limit of 10,000 runners so the race is officially sold out for the third year in a row! Some final week workout thoughts:

Rest is important but I suggest sticking to your routine. Don’t over do it, but if you normally swim, bike, do yoga or run go ahead and work out, just don’t go extra hard or long.

For advanced runners, here are some additional tips for this week:

Thursday – two options:

Option 1 (tempo and 300’s): Three miles at tempo/Lactate Threshold (LT) pace and then 4X300 with 100 meter jog recoveries. Run each 300 a little faster than the previous one.

Option 2 (track workout):

800 – easy (half marathon pace)

6X300 with 100 meter jog recovery (keep the recoveries short, the point is not to run the 300’s super fast).

800 – hard (think of it as the last 800 of the race)

Friday – I always suggest taking the day 48 hours before a big race off and getting plenty of sleep.

Saturday – Pre-race: three miles easy and four to six striders. Striders are 80-100 meter sprints at 70-90% effort. The goal is to loosen up the muscles by getting the blood pumping to your legs and breaking a sweat. Then shut it down and save it for race day.

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