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KP Half Marathon Re-Cap

Posted in Pamakid Runners,Race/Meet Report by Andy Chan on February 8, 2010


It was another beautiful day for running. Special thanks to Dave Rhody and the RhodyCo gang, Buzz Ayola (finish line timing extraordinaire who got results up by 3 P.M.), and Pamakid members Mike Taheny (race point person) and Phyllis Nabhan (volunteer coordinator) for their work, not just on Sunday in the days and weeks leading up to what was another highly successful race. It was also great to see over 1,000 enthusiastic race volunteers. Please support our race sponsors (see a list of them here) and remember that your participation in the race helped support the Koret Family House, The Harbor Light Center for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and Support for Families of Children with Disabilities. 

Results are now available at:

Runners as far as the eye can see at the starting area


2010 was another record breaking year for the race. The race sold out eight days before race day! We had what appears to be a record number of finishers – 6,080 in the half marathon and 2,322 in the 5K for a total of 8,402 race participants (251 more than the record we set in 2009). 

Up front in the half marathon, Crosby Freeman was victorious for the fourth year in a row, running a 1:06:08 (2:44 ahead of second place). In the women’s race, Bay Area Olympian Magdalena Lewy Boulet took first place in 1:15:08 (also a greater than two minute margin of victory). 

For the Pamakid Runners, this is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year. If you didn’t race, you were probably volunteering or out on the course cheering on the runners. We certainly have our club traditions down: 

–          Meet at the Rose Garden to warm-up. 

–          Team photo in front of the starting line. 

–          Last sweats into the roller luggage bag that is then transported via bike 

David Kurtz doing the Tomas Drag


to the finish line area by a fellow club member. This year David had the honor of performing this job. The last couple years it was Tomas, the inventor of the roller luggage bag move (a.k.a. the Tomas Drag). 

The club’s depth and quality of runners is really showing. We had 26 runners in the half marathon wearing the Pamakid uniform or shirt. 

–          Four runners in the top 100 (we had two in 2008 and just one in 2009). 

–          Four women among the top 100 women. 

–          Five top 10 finishes in their age group division: 

  • Theo, 1st (easily the highest age-graded score on the team with a 78.93 for his 1:43:26 as a 71-year old)   
  • Monica Z, 7th
  • Justin, 9th
  • Adam, 10th
  • 11-year old Liam Thirtyacre (Jodi’s son) placing 8th in his age division in the 5K.

Improvement is certainly one of the goals of all runners. Some club highlights include: 

Malinda – From 2:16:08 to 1:45:55 (30:13 faster than last year and 2,882 places higher) 

Mark Hermano – From 1:47:17 to 1:34:43 (12:34 faster and 880 places higher) 

Denis – 1:29:45 in 2008; 1:27:56 in 2009; 1:25:10 in 2010 

Danielle – 1:32:50 in 2008; 1:30:17 in 2009; 1:29:53 in 2010 

Monica Z – 1:33:29 in 2008; 1:32:55 in 2009; 1:31:10 in 2010 (and did a 3 mile cool-down) 

Jeff – Was shooting for a 1:24 (pervious PR 1:25:19), ran 1:22:14. 

I’m sure there were hundreds of other great races and PR’s. Congratulations to everyone! And again, special thanks to the volunteers because without them, we’d have no race to run and get PR’s. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Countdown Posts for the KP Half Marathon. And I hope you will continue to visit this blog to read more about the sport of running. I plan to write on a variety of topics. If there is something you would like to see me write about, let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail (


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  1. zack said,

    Great Blogging Andy! Another great race in the books, thanks for everything!

  2. Ali said,

    Thanks for the race recap, a great race, and wonderful course!!

    I am really glad that you put up the individual results from the racing team finishers. I ran with a few of them on the Sports Basement training runs, and I’m happy to see they did so well in the race!

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