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Running and a Wedding Proposal

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Chan on February 13, 2011
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Lily David and Phillip Cuevas

Before Valentine’s Day 2010, I wrote a blog titled “Love and Running.” As a follow-up, this year I share the story of a wedding proposal that took place on Sunday, February 7, 2011 at the finish line of the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco 5K.  

This is a story about Phillip Cuevas, 35, and Lily David, 29. Phillip works at Kasier Santa Clara as a rad technologist in the Radiology Department. Lily works at Kaiser Hayward in the Labor and Delivery Department. They have been dating for nine years and four months. During that time, Philip reports that they enjoy participating in events together, “because they want to Thrive!”

Three weeks before the race Phillip decided it was time to propose and he came up with a unique idea to surprise Lily. Phillip signed up for the half marathon and Lily signed up for the 5K. They went to the start of the race together and when the gun was fired, started running.

Waiting by the banner, with roses and ring in hand.

Phillip sprinted ahead and veered onto the 5K route. At the finish line area, awaiting their arrival were Lily’s sisters, Janet and May. Janet and May had delivered some key items to Phillip at the finish line: a diamond ring, two dozen red roses, and a big banner saying, “WILL YOU MARRY ME? LILY DAVID”

According to the chip timing, Philip arrived at the finish line 28 minutes, 4 seconds after the race started, in 201st place. He had about eighteen minutes to prepare himself for Lily’s arrival at the finish line. As other runners finished the race they noticed the banner and many decided to stay around to see who this Lily was and to see if she would say yes. A big crowd began to gather at the finish line to watch. “As the crowd continued to get larger, I was getting a little nervous and excited waiting in front of the banner with two dozen red roses in my left arm and the small box containing the ring in my right hand,” said Phillip.

What's that?

When the clock reached 46 minutes, 49 seconds, Lily arrived at the finish line to a cheering crowd. “As I was heading towards the finish line, I saw a huge crowd,” recalls Lily. Many of the spectators were taking pictures and video with their cell phones to capture the special moment of two complete strangers. From the picture at the right, you can see she then looked over to the side and saw Phillip and the banner. “I was in shock,” said Lily. “Then I knew he was going to propose to me. I got emotional and I started crying. I walked towards Phillip gave him a hug.”

Down on one knee, Phillip proposes to Lily

At first Phillip just let the banner speak for itself. “She came up to me and I introduced Lily and myself to the crowd and told them we both work for Kaiser,” said Phillip. “I knew she was winded from running so I told her not to say anything and only listen to what I had to say. I expressed my feelings to her, gently grabbed her left hand and went down on one knee and offered the ring and said, ‘Will you marry me?’”

She said, “Yes!”

Congratulations to Lily and Phillip!

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