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KP Half Marathon Countdown: MONDAY – 6 days to go

Posted in Coaching,Training Thoughts by Andy Chan on January 30, 2012

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run Week. This is a week many of us in the running community look forward to every year.    

Some final week workout thoughts:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – I leave it to you to decide what you should do. Rest is important but I suggest sticking to your routine. Don’t over do it, but if you normally swim, bike, do yoga or run go ahead and work out, just don’t go extra hard or long.

Thursday – three options:

Option 1 (medium run finishing with some “up-tempo”:

– Run four miles at an easy pace.

– Run the next mile at half marathon pace.

– Run a final mile 10-15 seconds faster than half marathon pace.

This is a total of six miles of running, with only the last two miles being at a harder effort.

Option 2 (tempo and 300’s):

Two mile warm-up, then three miles at tempo/Lactate Threshold (LT) pace, and then 4X300 with 100 meter jog recoveries. Run each 300 a little faster than the previous one.

Option 3 (track workout):

– Two mile warm-up

– 800 – easy (half marathon pace)

– 6X300 with 100 meter jog recovery (keep the recoveries short, the point is not to run the 300’s super fast).

– 800 – hard (think of it as the last 800 of the race)

– Cool-down – one mile

Friday – I always suggest taking the day 48 hours before a big race off and getting plenty of sleep.

Saturday – Pre-race:  three miles easy and four to six striders.  Striders are 80-100 meter sprints at 70-90% effort. The goal is to loosen up the muscles by getting the blood pumping to your legs and breaking a sweat. Then shut it down and save it for race day.

Sunday morning – Some important things to keep in mind for pre-race Sunday morning:

  • The race starts at 8:00 A.M. Calculate how much time you need to get dresses, have breakfast, drive to the race, park, get to the start line, and warm-up. Then add in some extra time. Figure out what time you need to get up and set your alarm clock now.
  • Parking. Remember that it’s a point to point course. Ten thousand runners means not a lot of extra parking spaces. Car pooling and public transportation are highly recommended. Check the website for event details like parking and transportation information.
  • If you want to park by the finish line there are two main lots, either on the Great Highway or up above the Cliff House. You can either run to the start (approximately two miles) or take the race provided shuttle. Shuttles depart from the bus stop above the Cliff House and the corner of Fulton and the Great Highway, beginning at 6:15 A.M.
  • If you park by the start line you can either run back to your car for a cool-down after the race or take one of the shuttles that will run up Fulton from the Great Highway to 8th Avenue. This post-race shuttle leaves from Fulton and the Great Highway and will run from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to:
    • Get in line for the port-a-potties.
    • Check your sweats.

It may be a little Type A to plan out all this stuff but having a plan and giving yourself extra time to park, ride the shuttle, go to the bathroom, and check your sweats can really pay off. If you are meeting friends, have an exact meeting spot and time. You want to minimize stress before the race. Planning this stuff out is one way to do just that.


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  1. Monte said,

    Goodluck Everyone!

  2. Patti Gurza Dully said,

    Great stuff, thanks Andy! I was out of town this past Saturday and very bummed I missed the GGBridge training route! So… I ran a good solid 10 in the beautiful countryside of Sonoma! See you on Superbowl Sunday morning!
    Patti Gurza Dully

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